Our Approach

TF CARES aims to provide the evidence-base for sound public health and clinical policy to address the combined epidemics of TB, HIV and drug-resistant TB in South Africa.  We are committed to clinically relevant and ethical research, capacity building through education and training, and the highest quality of compassionate and comprehensive care for communities with HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Ethical Research

Rigorous ethical standards are a backbone of our research in Tugela Ferry.  All TF CARES projects are approved by the Institutional Review Boards of the South African Medical Association and TF CARES participating partners, including Yale University and the KwaZulu Natal Department of Health.  We design our research studies to be responsive to community needs, to fully inform patients and their families, and to build critical new knowledge that will protect and improve the health of our communities for years to come.

Capacity Building

TF CARES believes in building skill and resource in the communities where we work.  We provide both ongoing and targeted training and skills-building to our staff, in addition to providing in-depth support and assistance to the Department of Health.  We also partner with local community-based and educational institutions.

Quality Care

TF CARES believes that quality health care is a right of all communities.  Our work improves not only access to care for adults and children affected by HIV and TB, but improves the quality of care as well.  Our operational research allows us to improve the quality of care we and our partners provide based on evidence of what works best in the communities where we work.