Anastasia Toles

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience working as a medicine resident at the anti-retroviral clinic in Tugela Ferry. I spent 6 weeks there providing care for people of all ages afflicted with HIV/AIDS. This was a wonderful opportunity to see and experience first hand how medicine is delivered in a resource poor setting. The clinicians, staff, and patients were all very warm and welcoming. Dr. Moll, who is in charge of the clinic, is a truly remarkable physician, and an inspirational mentor. I left Tugela Ferry with many fond memories; I’ve often reflected on patient encounters and doctors’ meetings as well as my most touching Thanksgiving among South Africans and thousands of miles away from home.

I consider my time in Tugela Ferry to have been life changing. Although for many years I have had an interest in public health, my experience in Tugela Ferry made me much more passionate about global health. Despite having only spent a short time there, based on my experience, I hope to one day contribute to the improvement of the South African health care system.

Anastasia E. Toles, born in Oakland, CA, earned a BA in Neuroscience at Pomona College, and an MD/MPH from George Washington University School of Medicine. She was licensed in internal medicine at Stanford Hospital & Clinics and currently works for Castlight Health.